Conflict Resolution

What is conflict really costing your business? Bad or non-existent conflict resolution skills cost companies time, money and skilled people. I can help your organisation get better at managing conflict, both internally and externally. Saving you the things that are measurable; time, money and resources and the unquantifiable; grief, avoidance, emotional distress. I’ve helped TradeMe create Conflict Ninjas. I can help you too.

Customer Service


In this modern world sometimes the only thing that differentiates you from your competitor is the level of customer service you provide. The beauty of excellent customer service is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Having committed, talented staff who care about their customer is a truly powerful business tool.
This workshop breaks down what excellent customer service looks, sounds and feels like. The foundations of what quality communication skills are built on with specific customer service tools.

Productivity Skills

Being effective is all about doing the right things at the right time. Do your staff know what those “right things” are? This programme explores how to prioritise effectively, efficient decision making and how to say no nicely. The ROI on this programme is off the hook.

Train the Trainers

A two day programme which covers all the areas needed for truly effective training to occur. The trainee trainers will explore the different styles of training, state changes, how to read energy levels and work with what is going on in the room.

Coaching Coaches

Having a team of coaches who are consistently coaching their staff is vital in business. Skilled coaches enable people to reach their potential within your business, quickly. This ensures your customers receive consistent and quality service. This programme builds the coaching skills of your existing coaches and team leaders.

Communication Skills


If only I had a dollar for every client who tells me, “We need more communication!” Trouble is, the communication they have can range from ineffective, to damaging, to non-existent. They don’t need more of something that isn’t working. This workshop explores quality communication skills. Listening, questioning, paraphrasing, body language and summarising. Improving these fundamental skills ensures that communication becomes an exchange of understanding.

Literacy & Numeracy

In conjunction with The Learning Wave, I work with New Zealanders who have literacy and numeracy challenges. This programme embeds literacy skills within a framework of team building, communication skills and health and safety awareness. It changes lives.